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Bible Boom Finals, North Bahamas Conference

Bible Boom Finals, North Bahamas Conference


On Sabbath, 26th April, 2014 the Youth Department of the North Bahamas Conference held the Waylon Johnson’s Bible Boom Competition for the conference level. The event was accompanied with beautiful and uplifting gospel music by the group Adoration, from the Eight Mile Rock Church, along with special guest artists, Patrick and Anna Marie Amerthil.

In attendance was the Youth Director for the Atlantic Caribbean Union, Pastor Andrew Burrows, who brought greetings and delivered a timely vespers message entitled, “Keep Your Eyes on Jesus.”

After the third and final round of the Bible Boom Competition, it was announced that Shelton Saintel from the Bethesda Seventh-day Adventist Church took second place, and Shanyder Escaman from the Eight Mile Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church was pronounced the winner for 2014.

Shanyder will go on to represent the North Bahamas Conference at the Atlantic Caribbean Union’s finals to be held in the Turks and Caicos Islands on Sabbath afternoon, May 24, 2014.

Pastor Desmond Brown, Youth Director for the North Bahamas Conference congratulated all of the candidates that participated in the Bible Boom and encouraged the young people to continue to study God’s Word and be drawn closer into a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.