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NBC Children Share Love With Neighbors

One group of children, along with their leader, went into the local community to visit the homes of 10 children, including a sick child. The children prayed with those whom they visited and invited them to their children’s program the following week. Sister Youthe, children’s ministries leader, noted that the community children and their parents were excited about the visitation and attended the children’s program held at the church the next week.

Children and their leaders also conducted a literature walk in their community, distributing Priorities and offering prayers and words of encouragement.

In addition to sharing love with other little ones, the children were able to bring cheer and smiles to the faces of those who were sick and the elderly as they presented them with fruit baskets and large cards they created. Throughout the week, children and adults in the community enjoyed the children’s singing, their prayers, the puppet shows, the reading of Bible stories, and the special musical renditions and asked that they visit them again.

Not only did the community benefit from the special week, but so did the children. “It was good to visit the people and share with them because we love them,” six-year old Vittoria Patrick said. Many of the children asked when the next set of visitations would be conducted and are eagerly anticipating them.

According to Linda Patrick, NBC children’s ministries director, Service Project Week: Love Your Neighbor, helped the children who participated to demonstrate how they can love members of the community in tangible ways. “The children were shown how they can encourage others and share the love of Jesus with their community while still in their childhood.”

Mrs. Patrick said that they were all blessed by the experience and plan to make this week-long activity an annual event.

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