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ATCU Conducts First Health Expo

ATCU Conducts First Health Expo
Communication Department, TCIM

Under the theme “Prospering in Health as our Souls Prosper,” the Atlantic Caribbean Union’s (ATCU’s) Health Expo weekend got off to an exciting start on Friday night, August 29 at the Blue Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. This was a very historic occasion, not only for the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission (TCIM), but also for the health ministries department of ATCU because this was the first time that a union program of this nature was being held in this field.
In his remarks at the opening of the expo, Hopeton Bansie, secretary/treasurer of the TCIM, noted the significance of the event.
“We feel very privileged to have this opportunity to host such an event given the fact that the TCIM is the smallest field in the union in terms of membership size.”
Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of ATCU, expressed the union’s pleasure at having this health emphasis in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
The featured presenter for the weekend was Mrs. Belkis Archbold, the health ministries director of the Inter-American Division (IAD). In her opening address on Friday evening, she underscored that the health message is a wholistic approach, explaining that it is not just about abstaining from eating meat, but that it is a healthy lifestyle that involves all aspects of our lives. She further emphasized that “when church members understand the real meaning of the health message, then the church will be ready to serve the community.”
In her main presentation on Sabbath morning, Mrs. Archbold stirred the hearts of the congregation to consider that the health message is also the right arm of the gospel. She shared an unforgettable formula: R + R + H = 4P (HLS) which stands for: Revival and Reformation in Health = 4 Pillars applied to a Healthy Lifestyle. The four pillars are (1) Prayer (2) Prevention (3) Practice and (4) Proclaim.
A part of the program involved video presentations from the four fields within ATCU. The reports featured the many activities going on in these fields and showed how people’s lives have been positively impacted due to lifestyle changes and the outreach in the communities.
The historic weekend climaxed on Sunday with workshops and how-to presentations by the health directors of the fields. Scores of materials were distributed including the new Eight (8) Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle. Hands-on instruction and massage practicums were also given. In fact, one of the local television media, PTV (People’s Television Ltd) came by to interview and tape part of the workshop for their news broadcast.
An attendee summed up the activities by saying, “the information about lifestyle and how to live happier, healthier and longer was great. And the chair sitting, hands-on massage techniques for relieving stress were easy to learn and can be applied to one’s family, among church members, and even at work.”
Pastor Michael Smith, president of TCIM, expressed gratitude to Mrs. Shirlene Henriques, health ministries director for ATCU, and her team of health professionals for organizing a much needed expo.
“It was quite timely and very beneficial for the churches and territory here in Turks and Caicos. Our members and health leaders feel more connected with our sister fields and appreciate the exchange of ideas. Members are more empowered and equipped to also share the information throughout their communities.”

Organizing the events for the weekend was Sis. Nora Tyndall, Health Ministries Director of TCIM and her team of health directors the churches in Providenciales. Special guests who travelled to the island for this special weekend were the Health Ministries Director of the Inter-American Division, Sis. Belkis Archbold, Dr. Idamae Hanna, Health Ministries Director of the South Bahamas Conference, Pastor Caple Thompson, Health Ministries Director of the Cayman Islands Conference, and Sis. GayMarie Smith, Health Ministries Director of the Filadelphia Church in the Cayman Islands. Also accompanying Dr. Idamae Hanna from Nassau was Dr. Tony Frankson who is a member of the Adventist Health Professionals Association (AHPA).

Health Expo 2014

Prospering in Health as our Soul Prospers, Health Expo
Shirlene Henriques, ATCU

The Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists (ATCU) will host a union-wide health exposition from August 28-31, 2014 at the Blue Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. The theme for the occasion is Prospering in Health as our Souls Propsers. Mrs. Belkis Archbold, health ministries director, for the Inter-American Division (IAD) will be the main presenter. Other presenters include
Dr. Idamae Hanna, of the South Bahamas Conference (SBC), Marie Smith of the Cayman Islands Conference (CIC), and Nora Tyndall, of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission TCIM).

For more information and registration please contact your local conference/mission office or your health ministry director