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Grand Bahama Academy

Grand Bahama Academy of Seventh-day Adventists is seeking qualified teachers in the following disciplines for the 2019-2020 school year:
English Language & Literature – Grade(s)-7-12
Physics & Chemistry- Grade(s)-10-12
Business Studies & Information Technology –Grade(s)-7-12

Applicant is required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University in the relevant subject area and a Teacher’s Certificate, and preferably a minimum of three years’ experience in the classroom.
Letter of interest accompanied by a resume and supporting documents should be emailed to or mailed or delivered to the following address, North Bahamas, Conference Office, P.O. Box -40515, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas on or before June 30, 2019.
-NBC Office of Education

North Bahamas Administration 2017-2021

NBC Admin2

The officers and directors of the Atlantic Caribbean Union congratulate Pastor Eric D. Clarke on his election as president and Pastor Andrew Burrows and Mrs. Tonia Palmer on their re-election as secretary and treasurer respectively of the North Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (NBC), the administrative body that directs the work of the Adventist church in the North Bahamas territory.

NBC conducted its fifth regular session at the Freeport Church in Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas on June 3 and 4. At the session, the delegates to the session also elected departmental directors and the members of the executive committee of the conference who are now responsible for governing the conference and giving oversight to its affairs.

We pray for the continued success of the North Bahamas Conference under its new leadership and express heartfelt gratitude to outgoing president, Pastor Henry R. Moncur, for his dedicated service as an administrator.

Arson Feared, Entire School Could Have Burned Down Says Official

Tribune Freeport Reporter

THE Grand Bahama Academy was closed for some 250 students after a fire yesterday morning damaged some of the classrooms, the kitchen and the cafeteria.
Police said the cause of the fire is unknown, but some suspect it might have been a case of arson. An official said there was also a break-in and theft at the school.
Haydn Hanna, the school’s business manager, told The Tribune that “it was a miracle” the entire school did not burn down. He said the fire started in the kitchen, where there was extensive damage.
Mr Hanna reported that cases of drinks were stolen from a storage room.
“The door to the cafeteria was kicked in and the place was broken into and 30 cases of drinks were stolen from the storage room, where we kept a large shipment of items worth over $4,000, and the culprits lit the fire in there. It is a miracle the whole school did not burn down,” he said.
Police received the fire report around 7:30am. Inspector Terecita Pinder reported that when firemen arrived at the scene they saw fire and smoke damage to several rooms.
She said the damage was estimated at about $80,000.
“The cause of the fire is unknown at this time and police are actively investigating this matter,” she said.
Mr Hanna said the school’s cook was the first at the scene and notified officials.
“The kitchen was completely destroyed, but there was only minor damage to three classrooms,” Mr Hanna said.
“It seems that the fire had burned through a water pipe running overhead into the cafeteria and the water in the pipe came gushing down and extinguished the fire,” he said.
“We had no school today (Tuesday) because of the fire, but we hope to get the repairs to those classrooms and to the exterior done as soon as possible, and so we have suspended school for the rest of the week,” he said.
The school, which is located in the Grasmere Subdivision, will remain closed for a week until repairs are completed to the three classrooms, which were damaged by smoke.
He said that repairs to the kitchen are not expected to be completed when school reopens on Monday.

Bible Boom Finals, North Bahamas Conference

Bible Boom Finals, North Bahamas Conference


On Sabbath, 26th April, 2014 the Youth Department of the North Bahamas Conference held the Waylon Johnson’s Bible Boom Competition for the conference level. The event was accompanied with beautiful and uplifting gospel music by the group Adoration, from the Eight Mile Rock Church, along with special guest artists, Patrick and Anna Marie Amerthil.

In attendance was the Youth Director for the Atlantic Caribbean Union, Pastor Andrew Burrows, who brought greetings and delivered a timely vespers message entitled, “Keep Your Eyes on Jesus.”

After the third and final round of the Bible Boom Competition, it was announced that Shelton Saintel from the Bethesda Seventh-day Adventist Church took second place, and Shanyder Escaman from the Eight Mile Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church was pronounced the winner for 2014.

Shanyder will go on to represent the North Bahamas Conference at the Atlantic Caribbean Union’s finals to be held in the Turks and Caicos Islands on Sabbath afternoon, May 24, 2014.

Pastor Desmond Brown, Youth Director for the North Bahamas Conference congratulated all of the candidates that participated in the Bible Boom and encouraged the young people to continue to study God’s Word and be drawn closer into a more meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

Paris Williams Returns From OYIM, Mexico

Paris Williams Returns From OYIM, Mexico
Communication Department, ATCU

On Monday, April 14, 2014, Paris Williams of the North Bahamas Conference (NBC) returned home to Freeport, Grand Bahama after spending three months in Mexico participating in the One Year in Mission (OYIM) initiative which was organised by the youth ministries department of the Adventist world church.

The comprehensive mission-oriented program realised approximately 40 young persons from Adventist churches throughout Inter-America converging in Mexico for mission training, community service projects, evangelism, and small group ministry. Paris, who represented the Atlantic Caribbean Union, reminisced that the experience really changed her spiritual life.

“I did things that I never thought I would be able to do, such as have an evangelistic campaign for a week, stand in the front of a group of people and tell others about God, do Bible studies, and have worship on trains and in public buses.”

On Sabbath, April 12, at a special service held at the Mexico City Arena in Mexico City, Paris along with the other OYIM participants were awarded for their hard work and commitment to youth evangelism by Elder Ted Wilson, president of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Upon her return to Grand Bahama, Paris was warmly greeted and welcomed back by her family and local church leaders of NBC. However, for Paris her work continues.

“My work is not finished as yet. I have to prepare an article for Vision, the Adventist youth magazine, and a sermon. Also, in July we will do a mission project in Guatemala for one week. I will always be a missionary, as our motto says "o sereis misioneros o no sereis nada" which means "you are a missionary or you are nothing.”

In 2015, Paris will assist Pastor Andrew Burrows, youth director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union, in organizing phase three of OYIM which will be conducted at the union level.