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Annual GC Council: A Reflection

Annual GC Council: A Reflection
By Leonardo Rahming, GC Committee Member

Often times there seems to be a disconnect between the work done at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC) and that of its local congregations in various parts of the world. However, as a result of recently attending the 2013 GC Annual Council in Maryland, I witnessed Adventist world church leaders, who have an insatiable desire to see the work of God advance, unite to accomplish God’s will for His church.
Most encouraging was the fact that chairman after chairman called for the participants to spend time in prayer.  This reinforced the understanding that the work of which I am a part is a spiritual one and should be handled as such.  In addition to the time spent in prayer, another experience that stood out was the LEaD (Leadership Education and Development) Conference which stimulated thought on how we operate as a church, especially as we seek to involve the youth of our church. Due to the fact that "God can't steer a parked car," we were encouraged to get moving and do something. Finally, as the theme for this quinquennium is “Revival and Reformation,” a call to unity was made, especially since a few of the church’s organizations are desirous of doing things in a manner which is not the norm. 
After attending this year's annual council, my faith has been made stronger, and I do believe with all my heart that God is leading His church, and He will safely guide it home.  Attendees at the LEaD Conference and GC Annual Council were Dr. Leonard A. Johnson, president, Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU); Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary, ATCU; Elder Roderick Sands, treasurer, ATCU; and Pastor Leonardo D. Rahming, executive committee member.