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ATCU's First Treasury Conference

ATCU's First Treasury Conference
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“As administrators, we must be involved in protecting the organization’s resources as well as its reputation,” said Paul Douglas, director of the General Conference Auditing Services (GCAS), as he gave one of four presentations during the Atlantic Caribbean Union's first treasury conference. The event was held on February 3 and 4, 2014, at Breezes Hotel in Nassau, the Bahamas. Approximately 30 persons (workers in treasury departments of the schools, conferences and missions; field administrators, and administrators and staff of the union) convened during the two day event to seek out ways to improve transparency and accountability as well as to prevent, rather than just to detect fraud in the churches and other institutions.


In addition, Paul Douglas reminded the church leaders and workers that the present generation of members is much different from those of previous generations. "In the past, members returned tithes and asked no questions. Now in this generation, yes members are still giving but are requiring accountability, and it is the workers’ responsibility to always be transparent and accountable. Administrators are to always protect the church by preventing abuses.” He added that "It is always important to remember that God is our CEO."

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The other presenters included Elizabeth Christian, associate treasurer of the Inter-American Division (IAD), Sandra Thomas, assistant treasurer of IAD, and Ivelisse Herrera, deputy treasurer of IAD. Sandra Thomas gave accountants training and a hands-on demonstration on the standard accounting software of the Adventist Church, Sunplus. She also gave administrators tips on accessing reports to assess the financial status of their organization. Other topics covered during the meetings included:

Transparency & Accountability
Employee Benefit Plan
Code of Conduct for SDA Leaders
Sunplus Exécutive
Fraud - It Happens!
Best Practice for Financial Administration
Retirement Plan

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Kimberley Byran, an accountant with the South Bahamas Conference, observed that the sessions were informative, interactive, and enlightening. "I understand more clearly and I am better able to carry out my responsibility in such a key area in the church,” she remarked. Another participant, Tatiana Bush, an accountant with the Cayman Islands Conference, also shared that the conference was very beneficial. She further stated, "We all look forward to implementing the practical tips gained from the various presentations as we return to our responsibilities at the Conference. We also look forward to the next conference."

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