Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU Elects Directors and Officers for the New Quinquennium

ATCU Elects Directors and Officers for the New Quinquennium
ATCU Communication Department


At the second quinquennial session of the Atlantic Caribbean Union held during December 6-7, 2015, and at the ATCU year-end committee meetings that took place December 10 and 11, 2015 in the Cayman Islands, the following were elected to serve in the various departments of ATCU for the next five years:

officer and directors

Cheryl Rolle,
Associate Secretary; and Education, Communication, and Children’s Ministries Director

Eric Clarke,
Personal Ministries, Stewardship, and Youth Director

Denise Johnson, Women’s Ministries Director and Shepherdess Coordinator

Leonardo Rahming, Sabbath School and ADRA Director

Annie K. Price, Health Ministries Director

Additionally, Pastor Leonard Johnson, Pastor Peter Kerr, and Elder Roderick Sands, who were reelected as president, executive secretary, and treasurer of ATCU respectively at the year-end meetings of the Inter-American Division held in Miami in November 2015, were voted by the session delegation and the newly elected executive committee to assume responsibility for the following:

Leonard Johnson,
Ministerial Director and Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator

Peter Kerr,
Family Ministries Director and Special Assistant to the President for Evangelism and Training

Roderick Sands,
Human Resources and Trust Director

Also elected at the session were the officers of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission. They are as follows:

Michael Smith, President
Steve Cornwall, Executive Secretary
Simone Gilkes, Treasurer

The executive committee for the new five-year term will be comprised of the persons listed above and those named below:

Reinaldo Dracket,
Executive Secretary
John Wesley,
Dennis Brady,
Lay Representative
Sheila Woods, Appointive Member

Errol Tinker, President
Henry Moncur III,
Executive Secretary
Tonia Palmer,
Paul Thompson,
Lay Representative
Althea Jervis, Appointive Member

Trevor Gardner, President
UNIVERSITY Danieto Murray, Appointive Member

Paul Scavella, President
Peter Joseph,
Executive Secretary
Melvin Lewis,
Eric Butler,
Lay Representative
Nikita Thompson, Appointive Member

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS Deloria Grant, Lay Representative
Roy Lindsay, Appointive Member

ATCU Officers and Directors

admin and directors

The officers and directors elected to serve at the Atlantic Caribbean Union for the next quinquennium are as follows:

Leonard Johnson,
President; and Ministerial Director and Spirit of Prophecy Coordinator

Peter Kerr,
Executive Secretary; and Family Ministries Director and Special Assistant to the President for Evangelism and Training

Roderick Sands,
Treasurer; and Trust Director and Human Resources

Cheryl Rolle,
Associate Secretary; and Education, Communication, and Children’s Ministries Director

Eric Clarke,
Personal Ministries, Stewardship, and Youth Director

Denise Johnson,
Women’s Ministries Director and Shepherdess Coordinator

Leonardo Rahming,
Sabbath School and ADRA Director

Annie K. Price,
Health Ministries Director

Session details



Under the theme “Christ Alone,” the Second Quinquennial Session of the Atlantic Caribbean Union will be held on Sunday, December 6 and Monday, December 7, 2015, at the Centerville Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nassau, The Bahamas.

The schedule of meetings will be as follows:

Sunday, December 6, 2015

11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. - Registration for all Delegates

2:45 p.m. - Worship and Praise Service

4:10 p.m. - Business Session

7:30 p.m. - Service of Consecration and Inauguration for
the union administrators, departmental
directors, and executive committee members.

Monday, December 7, 2015

8:00 a.m. - Worship and Praise Service

9:15 a.m. - Business Session

All are invited to attend this memorable event in the life of our five-year-old union

Communication Department
Atlantic Caribbean Union

Second Quinquennial Session - Update

of the
Second Quinquennial Session
of the
Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission

SQ Update
Notice is hereby given that the Second Quinquennial Session of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists will be held at the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church, Fifth Terrace, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas during December 6 – 7, 2015.
Registration for all delegates will begin at 11:00 a.m. and continue until 2:30 p.m. on December 6. The first meeting of the business session will be called at 2:45 p.m.
The Union Mission Session is called to:
1. Receive reports from the officers and various departments.
2. Elect departmental directors to serve for the next five-year term.
3. Elect the officers for the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission.
4. Transact such other business as may be properly placed before the delegates.
All duly appointed delegates are invited to be present at this Union Mission Session.

Leonard A. Johnson, President
Peter Kerr, Secretary

ATCU Administrators Re-elected

ATCU Administrators Re-elected
Communication Department, ATCU

On Sunday, November 1, 2015, Pastors Leonard Johnson and Peter Kerr, and Elder Roderick Sands were re-elected as president, executive secretary, and treasurer, respectively, of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) during the year-end meetings of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD) held at the division’s headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, newly re-elected president of ATCU, expressed gratitude to God on behalf of his fellow administrators for the opportunity to serve the union for another term.

“As we reflect on the first term, 2010 to 2015, we acknowledge that it was a learning experience as we were all new to serving at the union level. However, we were able to navigate the unchartered waters with the tremendous support given to us by the leadership of the Inter-American Division headed by Pastor Israel Leito who made himself available by phone and email no matter where he was in the world,” said Pastor Johnson. “Additionally, my colleagues and I were committed to prayer, and this along with the aforementioned enabled us to experience a measure of success.”

When asked about his plans for the union for the next five years, Pastor Johnson pointed to two foci: the mission of the church and total member involvement.

"Regularly, I seek to remind myself and colleagues about the reason for our existence which is to advance the mission of the church in the context of the three angels’ message of Revelation 14. So, whether we write, produce video programs, or sponsor various initiatives and training, they are all informed by this fact of mission," stated Pastor Johnson. "Also,” he continued, “we are committed to an initiative of the General Conference called total member involvement (TMI) which seeks to get every member involved in doing something to advance the mission of the church. Hopefully, these emphases will lend to a greater sense of unity, facilitate financial, spiritual, and membership growth, help to establish an additional field, and facilitate a change of status for the Turks and Caicos Islands field."

At the same meetings, the administrators for eleven other unions within IAD were also elected. Because ATCU, which was officially organized on November 29, 2010, is a union mission, the officers are elected by the next higher organization which, in this instance, is the IAD.

The next step is the choosing of the departmental directors, the members of the union executive committee, and the officers for the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission. This all will be done at the
Second Quinquennial Session of ATCU which will be held at the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church, Fifth Terrace, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas during December 6 – 7, 2015.
The three administrators of ATCU were initially selected to serve the new union on Thursday, June 24, 2010, during the 59th General Conference Session held in Atlanta, Georgia. Hence, during the upcoming union session, a complete stewardship of the union’s five first years will be presented through the various reports from both administrators and departmental directors.
ATCU, which is headquartered in Nassau, The Bahamas, comprises four fields, namely, the Cayman Islands Conference, the North Bahamas Conference, the South Bahamas Conference, and the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission. In addition, Northern Caribbean University, which is located in Mandeville, Jamaica, is jointly owned and operated by ATCU and the Jamaica Union.

Former Gang Member Sends Message to Young People

Former Gang Member Sends Message to Young People
Communication Department, ATCU


"Involved fathers are God’s antidote against youth rebellion."  This is the view expressed by Drexel Deal in his book entitled
The Fight of My Life is Wrapped Up in My Father. 

Deal, a former gang member, paid a courtesy call on the union administrators on Tuesday, October 15, 2015, to present copies of his book and to share his experience of God’s redemption in spite of his rebellion.
The book chronicles the life story of Deal who was a top general in one of the largest gangs in the Bahamas. It recounts how he was shot four times while attempting to commit a robbery and was presumed dead.   While God spared his life, he lost his sight because of the gunshot wound to his face.   According to the book’s blurb, Deal picked up the pieces of his mangled life and set out to retrace his steps and those of other gang members to find out where they all went wrong.   It took Deal ten years to research, document, and write the book about his experience.

Drexel Deal was baptized into the fellowship of the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Bahamas Conference on June 6, 2015.    Deal explained how this happened.   

"I was at home one day flipping through the radio channels on my phone. I stopped at a station and heard a gentleman preaching.  I cannot remember the name of the preacher," he said.  "But the message got my attention, and I sent an email to an address mentioned at the end of the program.” 
 According to Deal, the miracle of his conversion was that the signal for the radio station, Word SBC, did not reach the area where he lived, "but God used that radio station to reach me where I was,” said Deal.  

On Friday of that week, two elders from the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church knocked on his door in response to the email that he sent.  "The rest is history," Deal stated.  "I began Bible lessons and was baptized.”   


He explained that he never received the radio signal again at his home after that day and described the time since his baptism as "a beautiful walk.”   

"The Seventh-day Adventist Church is everything I expected it to be.  It encompasses every aspect, from the Word, the Sabbath, to how we should eat and live,” he explained.  “I didn’t choose the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  God chose it for me."

Today, Deal has two passions: his new found faith as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and his desire to reach young people who are heading down a path of destruction like he was.  His ministry now is to share Christ's message of redemption to young people, to schools, and to churches.   

He has begun to write another book that will share how a small group of young males used fourteen principles to grow a gang of thirteen persons into the largest gang in the Bahamas with over 20,000 young males. 

"I was one of those gang members,” he said.  "Many of the gang members are dead today, including the person who was with me in the robbery.  We can use these Biblical principles in a negative way or positive way.”

Deal firmly believes that the absence of a father in his life and in the lives of many of the gang members back then was a determining factor in the choices he made - from school, to the gang, to in and out of prison, to becoming disabled.   

When asked what advice he would give to the young people, Deal responded, "It is simple. It is found in Exodus chapter 20 verse 12, and it says ‘Honour your father and your mother that your days will be long upon the land which the lord your God has given to you."

Hurricane Joaquin Wreaks Havoc in the Southern Bahamas

Hurricane Joaquin Wreaks Havoc in the Southern Bahamas
John Garcia, Communications Department, ATCU

During Thursday, October 1 and Friday, October 2, 2015,hurricane Joaquin wreaked havoc for hours on the southern islands of The Bahamas. Within two days, the storm strengthened from a mere tropical depression to a category four hurricane, while remaining almost in the same geographical position. Some of the islands affected significantly are Acklins, Crooked Island, Long Island, and San Salvador.
As she described her horrific experience of riding through hurricane Joaquin, Mrs. Patronella Barr, wife of Pastor Howard Barr, the resident pastor of the Adventist church district of Crooked Island and Acklins (two of the hardest hit islands), exclaimed, “God is good, God is good!”. While the storm intensified on that Thursday morning, and sounds of raging water, breaking glass, and wood snapping became louder and more frequent, they quickly realized that their home would not be able to withstand the raging storm. Led by her husband, in the midst of the storm, they had to abandon their home and accept the invitation of their neighbors, the Gibsons, whose home at the time was withstanding the strong winds and heavy rain.

Within a short time, all those sheltering in the Gibsons’ home, which included two infants, a toddler, and an elderly lady with an amputated leg, had to keep going higher and higher until they had to resort to the highest place in the single story Crooked Island home, the ceiling.

“My body is aching from sitting for hours in that ceiling,” said Mrs. Barr. “I was praying to God that the water didn’t rise to the ceiling because if we had to break through the roof, I think we would all die.” Patronella was much more concerned about the children, and she cried out to God to have mercy on the children.
After hours in the ceiling, help came when neighbors used a boat in the 5 feet deep water to rescue them. As they got a glimpse of the damage, all they could have done was to give God thanks for spared lives.

Clinton Scavella, the head elder of the Landrail Point Seventh-day Adventist Church, invited a number of community members to live in his home with his family as they awaited relief. On the Friday, Pastor Barr brought everyone together to welcome the Sabbath. They sang songs of praise, read scripture and praised almighty God for His mercy toward them.

On Monday evening, Patronella and a few others were evacuated to the capital city of Nassau by British rescue marines. Grateful for God’s mercy, Mrs. Barr is gathering relief supplies to ship to those remaining on the devastated islands.
In addition to personal donations of cash and kind collected and dispatched, the Adventist church officially gave five Yamaha generators and Five Thousand dollars ($5,000) as an initial contribution towards the relief efforts and will continue to give support as the needs are assessed. Three of the generators were shipped to Crooked Island, Long Island, and San Salvador.

Pastor Leonard Johnson, Pastor Peter Kerr, and Elder Roderick Sands, administrators of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission (The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and Turks and Caicos Islands), contacted persons in the disaster areas throughout the weekend after the hurricane struck. They are working together with Pastor Paul Scavella, president of the South Bahamas Conference, and his administration in giving support and assistance to the Adventist community and anyone else in distress. “We recognize the urgency of the need, and we also want to identify with the government agencies that are providing assistance hence the donation of $5,000.00 towards this end,” Pastor Johnson said.
Pastor Paul Scavella and a team of church administrators travelled to the southern Bahamas on Tuesday, October 6, to assess the situation first hand so as to effectively continue the relief efforts. The South Bahamas Conference is presently engaged in the Good News Gospel Explosion with Evangelist Claudius Morgan, under the big tent in the capital city of Nassau. Each night since the storm, both the evangelist and the administrators of the conference made appeals to the members to give financially and to bring water and non-perishable items for the hurricane relief efforts. The first shipment of relief items were sent to the islands affected on Monday, October 5, 2015.
In his appeal, after returning from visiting Crooked Island, Pastor Paul Scavella reported on the continued relief efforts by SBC. Teams of volunteers, including the Adventist men, Mastertguides, VBA (Volunteer Adventist Bahamas) and others will be mobilized over the coming days and weeks to assist with the repairs of the homes in the affected areas. The Adventist community in the entire Atlantic Caribbean Union region is continuing to collect items and to give financially for the hurricane relief and to bring hope to those residents in the central and south Bahamas.

160 Adventist Youth Invested in CIC

160 Adventist Youth Invested in CIC
Communication Department, ATCU


The Cayman Islands Conference (CIC) celebrated with other Adventist organizations around the world in commemorating the 65th anniversary of pathfindering during September 19-20, 2015.

Pastor Andrew Burrows, youth director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) and guest speaker for the weekend, challenged the pathfinders as individuals and the Pathfinder organization in general to stand up for Biblical principles and the ideals on which the ministry was founded.

On Friday evening, September 19, during the consecration service for the pathfinder clubs in the CIC, Pastor Burrows referenced youth organizations similar to Pathfinders who gave up their long-held principles, bowing to the pressures of secular society.

“The time will come when this organization will be faced with similar issues, what will we do?” Pastor Burrows asked. “Like the three Hebrews boys who stood up when compelled to bow to a golden image, we ought to stand our ground against the tide that will compel us to compromise our identity and mission.”


The highlight of the weekend was the combined investiture service, which was held on Sabbath afternoon, September 20 at the Kings Seventh-day Adventist church. One hundred and sixty-five adventurers, pathfinders, and master guides who successfully completed the course requirements for the various classes of study were invested. Pastor Ivor Harry, youth director for CIC, remarked that the service was the largest single investiture service for the CIC.

According to the information from the General Conference youth department, there are approximately two million pathfinders in the world. Reports from the fields in ATCU indicate that there are approximately fifteen hundred pathfinders scattered throughout 52 clubs in the union.

Evangelist Conducts Seminar for ATCU Pastors

Evangelist Conducts Seminar for ATCU Pastors
Communication Department, ATCU


Pastor Claudius Morgan, guest evangelist for the Good News Gospel Explosion taking place during September 12 – October 10, 2015, in Nassau, Bahamas, took time out from preaching at nightly meetings to share his passion and plans for evangelism with scores of ministerial workers throughout the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU). The seminar, which was conducted on Monday, September 28, 2015, at the union’s headquarters in Nassau, Bahamas, was a part of the ministerial department’s focus to constantly equip and train its minsters for effective ministry.


The seminar highlighted several key areas: effective preaching, training of the members, and the personal life of the evangelist. Through video conferencing, ministers serving on other islands of the Bahamas and in the Cayman and Turks and Caicos Islands also
were able to participate in the seminar, absorbing information from evangelist Morgan’s many years of experience. Internationally known, evangelist Morgan serves as a pastor and evangelist in the Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists.


In Celebration of 65 Years of Pathfindering

In Celebration of 65 Years of Pathfindering


Each year, the third Sabbath in September is designated as World Pathfinder Day. This year is significant, as pathfinders around the world are celebrating the Pathfinder Club’s 65th anniversary as an official arm of the youth ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church. The theme chosen to celebrate this milestone is “Courageous Pathfinders, Full of Faith, Determination, and Bravery.”

The embryo for Adventist youth ministry, in general, began in 1879. Pathfinders as an organization for junior youth began to take shape as early as the 192Os with the first Pathfinder Club being established in 1927. However, it was in 1950 that the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists officially adopted the Pathfinder program for the world church.

As we celebrate 65 years of training our young people to be bold trailblazers for Christ, I commend the Pathfinder leaders from the Atlantic Caribbean Union for their commitment and dedication to leading and directing the Pathfinder ministry in their respective areas. Further, I encourage all our pathfinders, by God’s grace, to truly live the words of the Pathfinder song “Oh, we are the Pathfinders strong,” unwavering in your purpose to be courageous, faithful, and determined young people for Christ.

Happy Birthday Pathfinders! May God continue to bless you abundantly.

Andrew Burrows
Youth Ministries Director
Atlantic Caribbean Union

ATCU President Enlightens Membership on SDA Church Structure

ATCU President Enlightens Membership on SDA Church Structure
By ATCU Communication Department


“No one person has absolute power in the Adventist church,” said Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, president of the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists (ATCU) as he explained the organizational structure of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in a presentation entitled “Know and Understand Your Church.”

Johnson’s presentation was the first in a line-up of leadership seminars being presented during the two-day leadership symposium recently hosted on September 5, 2015, by the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church for church leaders and members of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SBC).


Pastor Johnson explained that the Adventist church employs the principles of shared administration which means that the administrative system is not presidential with decision-making resting solely with the president or leader. Rather, every leader is accountable to a group, be it a committee, a board, or the church in business.

“This church is one of the most organized in the world, and if every leader were to follow the policies laid out, there would be considerably less problems than we have today,” stated Pastor Johnson. He further identified behaviours that contributed to church unity.


“What holds the Adventist church together are submission to the Holy Spirit; a commitment to worldwide mission; respect for the church as a body; and a willingness to keep striving for togetherness.”

After clarifying a number of policies and procedures of the church, particularly those relating to baptism and membership, participants left more knowledgeable about the way the Adventist church functions administratively.


“I have always admired the way my church is organized, but, unfortunately, many of us do not know the proper running of the church and that is where we end up in problems. This presentation is one of great value and is truly appreciated,” stated a local church elder.

ATCU’s Youth Share Jesus in Summer Evangelism

ATCU’s Youth Share Jesus in Summer Evangelism
Communication Department, ATCU

Y10_GC 22

The summer break has ended and the young people across the territories of the Atlantic Caribbean Union are returning to their respective schools and colleges. During the summer holidays, the Adventist youth ministries department continued in the tradition of summer evangelism.

Cayman Islands Adventist Youth Lift Up Jesus

The Savannah Seventh-day Adventist Church, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands concluded a dynamic Youth in Leadership Month with a one-week crusade during July 26 - August 1.  The theme for the event was “
The King is Coming,” and the speakers were Charlton Samuels and Joshua Lawrence.  The crusade was conducted entirely by the youth of the church and resulted in thirteen (13) precious souls being added to the church. 
In addition, the Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church held a youth campaign during July under the theme “
At the Feet of Jesus” with Jermeil Hydes as the evangelist.   Six (6) precious persons were baptized.
Victorious Youth Campaign in the North Bahamas


Under the theme
"Victorious," the youth of the North Bahamas Conference conducted its annual youth camp meeting at the Freeport Seventh-day Adventist Church in Grand Bahama during August.

Activities began with some thirty young people carrying out community projects during the day. One of the projects involved assisting with the clean up of the home of Ms. Robinson, an elderly retired nurse who has served the community of Grand Bahama for 50 years. Young Paris Williams, ATCU’s youth representative for the initial phase of the One Year in Mission youth project in Mexico City in 2014, spearheaded this phase of the community outreach.

During the nightly meetings, Pastor Dewaine Frazer, guest speaker from the Dupont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Washington D.C., U.S.A., preached relevant and electrifying messages that stirred the hearts of the people.

Jesus Loves Selfies Youth Campaign In Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

The youth ministries department of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission held a unique youth campaign that captured the attention and interest of young people across the island of Providenciales during August 8 - 15, 2015, at the Blue Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Adventist youth and visitors filled the pews to capacity each night as the word of God was ardently proclaimed by the young people from the different Seventh-day Adventist congregations on the island.

At the conclusion of the event, seven (7) young persons gave their lives to the Lord and were baptized.

“Jesus Loves Selfies” was the fourth in the series of “Jesus Loves...” youth summer campaigns organized by the youth department of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission.

Adventist Youth Experience the Power in the South Bahamas Conference

Y10_GC 34

The young people of the South Bahamas Conference held their outreach campaign at the New Providence Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Nassau, the Bahamas during August 8 -22, 2015. The event, which was themed,
Youth to the 10th Power, saw the young people meeting for ten nights of preaching, praying, singing and testifying.

Newton Joseph, a ministerial student at the Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, Jamaica, and Manasseh Simms, a ministerial intern in the South Bahamas Conference, each presented five powerful sermons based on the theme. By allowing the Holy Spirit to utilize them and through the combined efforts of the entire team, thirty precious souls were baptized into the kingdom of God.

Y10_GC 26

Second Quinquennial Session


of the
Second Quinquennial Session
of the
Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission

Notice is hereby given that the Second Quinquennial Session of the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission of Seventh-day Adventists will be held at the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church, Fifth Terrace, Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas during December 6 – 7, 2015.

Registration for all delegates will begin at 1:00 p.m. and continue until 4:00 p.m. on December 6. The first meeting of the business session will be called at 5:00 p.m.

The Union Mission Session is called to:
1. Receive reports from the officers and various departments.
2. Elect departmental directors to serve for the next five-year term.
3. Elect the officers for the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission.
4. Transact such other business as may be properly placed before the delegates.
All duly appointed delegates are invited to be present at this Union Mission Session.

Leonard A. Johnson, President
Peter Kerr, Secretary

GC Morning Devotion Sermon –for July 6, 2015

General Conference Session 2015
Morning Devotion Sermon –for July 6, 2015

2015_GC 240

Opening Song: 212
Scripture Reading: Matt. 19:16-20
Sermon topic: Faithful End-time Living: Preparation for His Return
I wish to thank the Holy Spirit of our God who impressed on the minds of the worship committee to allow me to share a word from the Lord to His church at such a time as this.
A time when we are encroaching on the borders of Canaan.
A time when our journey is all but over, and our pilgrimage is coming to an end.
When the signs foretold in the sun and moon, in earth and sea and sky. A loud proclaim to al mankind, the coming of the Master draweth nigh.
These officers that we are selecting at this session may very well be the last. This gathering of Gods faithful people may very well be the last of such meetings. If it is not the last time for us as a church, it will surely be the last for somebody in this gathering, and if that is so, then allow me to share a word with you as we get ready for the end.

2015_GC 218
Matt.19: 16-20 –records a story that I think is worthy of examination by end time people.
Vs.16- One came to Jesus with eternal life on his mind. We don’t know his name. Matthew says he is young, Luke says he is a ruler and he was rich. I want you to note that he had heaven on his mind but he was not too sure about his own readiness. Something was giving him trouble, something was bothering his conscience, but when he did an examination of himself he could not come up with the answer. When he checks himself, he was doing well. He could find no fault with himself. He scored high on the church membership chart. He was complicit with church guidelines and policies. He was a faithful commandment keeping member of the church. But he was taking no chance, he heard Jesus was in town and went to him to get a second opinion, and independent evaluation of His spiritual condition.
May I declare to the church of the living God, who has heaven on our mind, we need a second opinion, an independent evaluation of our spiritual condition. Can I warn the church this morning, we cannot trust our own evaluation of ourselves. But those of us who are marching to Zion, must place our selves under the microscopic eyes of an all seeing God and ask Him to search us and see if there is anything between me and my Savior. See if there be some wicked ways in me and cleanse me from every sin and set me free.

2015_GC 223
If left to himself, the rich young ruler would qualify himself to take a front row seat in the Kingdom. In fact when Jesus answers, “go keep the commandments,” he was not impressed, for if that is all the test necessary to make it in the Kingdom, he is already home. Somehow he must have felt that is too easy a test to make it in Kingdom. He says Lord check and again. Run another test on me. What do I still lack? Something tells me that even though I’m a member of my church in good and regular standing – I am not ready.
Something tells me that even though I hold high offices in the church, my soul not ready. Something tells me that even though I have served for 40 years and still not ready. Something tells me that even though, I studied my Sabbath school lesson, return faithfully my tithe and offering, stick to a vegetarian diet, sings on the choir- I am not ready.
What do I still lack? This is a question members of the last day church ought to be asking Jesus. Members of Gods church who are preparing for the end must be asking. Lord what do I still lack. Commandment keeping members of the waiting church must never be contented merely by the keeping of the commandment, but seeking an independent evaluation of your souls. Go to God and ask what do I still lack?
Make no mistake the profile of waiting church befits that of the rich young ruler.

    2015_GC 225
    As part of the preparation plan, the last day church need to make the same enquiry as this young ruler. Lord we have been keeping the commandment from our youth what do we still lack?
    It makes you wonder, what would be the answer from the Lord, if we the last day church were to ask that very question, “Lord what do we still lack”?
    In Revelation 3:14-22- The Lord sent an email to the last day church with the answer to the very same question. He gives an evaluation of what the church lacks and makes recommendations to address the condition. I must warn you before you open it. It is not good reading, it is not a pass mark. If the church at Laodicea represents Gods last day church since 1844 as the SDBC Vol.7 p.761 points out, then we are having the exact same problem the rich young ruler was having.
    V s:14-17 – Like the rich young ruler the church did an evaluation of its self and could not find any fault. In the eyes of the church it is doing well, exceptionally well. It is ready for the Kingdom. But oh when the second opinion came in. When God did His own independent evaluation of the churches spiritual condition, it troubles God.
    The verdict- the preparation is not sufficient, woefully lacking, there is shortage in the waiting church of the living God. At least the young ruler lacked one thing, but the last day church lacks three.
      symbol of Godly faith. A symbol of trust in the living God.
      Faith that cause Daniel to survive a Lion’s den is lacking.
      Faith that cause the three Hebrew boys to survive the fiery furnace is lacking
      Faith that cause Peter to walk on water is lacking
      Faith that caused Prison doors to fly open and chains to fall from the hands of peter and John is lacking
      Faith that caused Peter and John to say Silver and gold have none but such as I have I give, raise up and walk – is lacking,- There is a shortage of this faith our fathers had. Without this faith Hebrews says it is impossible to please God.

      2015_GC 236

          Three fundamental necessities that the church is lacking in the last days
          -1) faith in God- refine Gold,
          2)Righteousness of Christ – White Raiment
          3)Holy Spirit- Eye slave
          What is worse is that the church is not aware that it is lacking these things. Rather it has been functioning under the assumption that it is doing well. It is in need of nothing. And you ask how can our evaluation of our selves be so strikingly different from how God perceives us and we don’t know? How can we be so far out of sync with God and we don’t know? It is clear that the last day church suffers from a false sense of security. Think we are spiritually ok when we are not.
          It is the identical problem that cause 50% of the bridegroom (another symbol of the waiting church) to be locked out, to lose out on salvation. Matt 25:1-13 documents the saga. They went to sleep thinking they had oil, thinking they were ok, and did not know that their soul salvation was lacking.
          It is the identical problem that caused the Jews to reject Christ. They saw no need for a Savior thinking they already secure salvation by being a descendant of Abraham.

          2015_GC 217
          False sense of security is the greatest threat to the preparation plan of the last day church. It causes us to depend less on Jesus and more on our training. It causes us to depend less on the Holy Spirit and more on our intellect, less on the power of the living God and more on our collective wisdom. In these last days the church of God has to get back to Jesus, leaning on the everlasting arms.
          The good thing about this bad email- is that God did not leave the church in the destructive condition it finds the church in. He offers some recommendations as He did with the rich young ruler. End time living necessitates the implementation of these recommendations in our lives. If I have one word for the new administration is that we focus globally on these recommendations that will save our souls.

              God refuse to give up on His church. This is His last ditch effort to save the church. He has gone single digit. He has paid too much for her not to try. Too much for her not to wait a little longer. From heaven He came and sought here to be His only bride and with his own blood He bought her and for her life he died. I can tell you one thing, when it is all over God is taking somebody home. Shall you or shall I. Someone shall enter the pearly gates shall you, shall I.
              This morning we can turn away miserable from these recommendations like the rich young ruler or we can say take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to thee.
              We can say, Like Felix not now Lord, a more convenient time, or we can say Just as I am without one plea but that thy blood was shed for and as thou bids me come to thee oh lamb of God I come I come. Appeal song- Just as I am.

              ATCU represented at 60th GC Session

              The Atlantic Caribbean Union is well represented at the 60th General Conference Session of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in San Antonio Texas. Here are some photos of some of the events thus far.









              ATCU Church Members Survive Plane Crash

              ATCU Church Members Survive Plane Crash
              Andrew Burrows, ATCU Communication Department

              The Seventh-day Adventist community in the Bahamas, one of the territories of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), as well as local residents of the island nation are thanking God for the miraculous survival of five persons after the plane in which they were flying was forced to ditch in waters off of New Providence, an island of The Bahamas.

              According to local media reports, on Monday, June 8, at approximately 5:00 p.m., the group left Pitts Town Airport in Crooked Island onboard a Cessna 172 aircraft. The pilot and passengers, who are all related and members of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the Bahamas, were traveling to New Providence.


              Autoria Moss, one of the survivors, recalled that they were just about 11 minutes from New Providence when they heard and saw the only engine on the plane sputter and shut off. She recounted, with expressions of gratitude to God, how her cousin, Anthniqueko Gibson, the pilot of the aircraft, uttered, “We’re not going to make it.” Nevertheless, he took charge of the situation and instructed his brother, Andrew Gibson, to retrieve the life raft from the back of the aircraft and prepare for impact.

              As the plane started to descend toward the water, Moss said it was more like a glide. “It almost felt like we were landing,” she said. At the time of impact, Moss was clutching eight-month-old Andre Gibson tightly against her chest. Once the plane was in the water, the other passengers were able to quickly release themselves from their seats and Moss handed the baby to his father, Andrew Gibson.


              After impact, the plane started to sink beneath the water. “I was the last one out of the aircraft as I was unable to get my seat belt loose,” Moss continued. “I felt my Uncle Renzi (Lorenzo Moss) pulling my foot. By this time, I was submerged. It was only God guiding me at this point as I soon realized that the seatbelt was now around my chest area, and I wiggled my way out instead of trying to unbuckle the belt.”

              Moss thanked God that the pilot was able to find a shallow part of the water. “Even though the plane eventually sank, my cousin was able to tie the rope from the life raft to the tail of the plane so that we would not drift away from the crash site,” she said.

              Moss recalled the ray of hope they felt when within 10 minutes, a plane circled above them, and then a short time later a second plane did the same thing. However, darkness settled in, and it would be a while later before a helicopter circled twice nearby. Moss surmised that probably they could not see them in the dark because the light on the life vest was not working. Eventually, around 11:00 p.m., they got the light to work and within a few minutes, a United States Coast Guard helicopter headed towards them. “It had to be the light from the life vest that attracted them to us. It was such a relief,” she exclaimed.


              Eventually, the group was picked up by a Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF) patrol craft. They were transported to the RBDF base in Coral Harbor, New Providence where they received preliminary check-ups. Ambulances then took them to the local Princess Margaret Hospital for further medical tests and evaluation.

              The incident impacted the family members of the survivors. Linda Nairn, the sister of Lorenzo Moss and Autoria Moss’ aunt, said, “The family was shaken at first, but now we are giving thanks for the miracle of survival.”

              Pastor Howard Barr, the Seventh-day Adventist pastor on Crooked Island where the flight originated and the home of all the passengers, said, “It is only God’s intervention that spared the lives of these five persons. As we look back to Monday evening when news came that the flight did not arrive until now, we can only praise God.”

              ATCU Delegates Prepare to Attend 60th GC Session

              ATCU Delegates Prepare to Attend 60th GC Session
              Communication Department, ATCU

              Twelve delegates and four guests from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) will be attending the 60
              th Session of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC) set to begin on Thursday, July 2, 2015, at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Under the theme “Arise! Shine! Jesus is Coming!,” the 10-day conclave will bring together thousands of Adventists from around the world to conduct the business of the Adventist world church as well as to worship and fellowship.

              Pastor Pater Kerr, executive sectary of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU), revealed that the 12-member delegation is comprised of 4 administrators, 2 front-line workers, 2 General Conference committee members, 3 laypersons, and 1 delegate-at-large.

              He further stated that delegates and guests must register in order to be seated in the designated area for delegates and guests. While official guests are granted access to the reserved seating area for delegates, they are not permitted to speak or vote on the items being discussed. Voice and vote privileges are given to delegates only. Among items that will be discussed are Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists – Amendment; Theology of Ordination; and Resolution on the Holy Bible.

              Also attending the session will be Waylon Johnson from the North Bahamas Conference who, having won the Inter-American Division’s (IAD) Super Bible Boom on May 8, 2015, earned the privilege of being one of the IAD’s youth representatives and an official delegate at the session.

              The Adventist News Network (ANN), the official news agency for the Adventist world church, estimates that as many as 60,000 people from more than 170 countries will gather at the Alamodome. Out of this number, there will be 2,566 official delegates to the session.

              These gatherings, which are held every five years, provide a natural atmosphere for fellowship, good singing, and great preaching. However, according to ANN, “the heart of this event is a business meeting in which world church leadership is elected, critical issues are discussed, and decisions are made governing how the church will move forward in fulfilling its mission.” 

              For more information on the delegates to the GC Session, you may view the article entitled GC SESSION 101: DISCOVERING THE DELEGATES found at

              Meetings and Events at GC

              During the GC, there are numerous events, meetings, and activities that are a part of the daily schedule. Some of them that particularly involve the participation of members and friends from ATCU include:


              The General Conference has reserved 100,000 square feet of space in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, which is next to the Alamodome, for daily exhibitions and displays. The exhibit hall will feature some 600 booths for ministries, institutions, and vendors of church supplies.

              The Inter-American Division has been allocated over 90 booths for the unions and institutions within its territory. Each of the 24 unions within IAD has been given one day to showcase its field. The Atlantic Caribbean Union will be on display on July 2, the first official day of the GC session. Below is the union’s supervision schedule for the fields and Northern Caribbean University at the booth on this day:

              • 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. Atlantic Caribbean Union

              • 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. South Bahamas Conference

              • 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Cayman Islands Conference

              • 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Northern Caribbean University

              • 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. North Bahamas Conference

              • 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Turks and Caicos Islands Mission

              • 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Atlantic Caribbean Union

              In addition, Northern Caribbean University and the South Bahamas Conference will have designated booths throughout the entire session.

              CIC President to Speak at Morning Devotion.

              Pastor Shian O Connor, president of the Cayman Islands Conference, one of the four fields within ATCU, will be the devotional speaker on Monday, July 6 at 8:00 a.m. He is scheduled to speak on the topic “Faithful End-time Living: Preparation for His Return.”

              IAD Report and Parade

              The IAD will be presenting its quinquennial report during the evening session on July 6 at the Alamodome. A feature of the report will be a parade of the unions within IAD. Five persons from ATCU, representing a cross-section of ATCU, will be a part of this event.

              Closing Event

              The final sitting for GC 2015 will take place on Saturday evening, July 11. The closing program is called “Mission on the Move” formerly known as the “Parade of Nations.” Myron Iseminger, undersecretary of the General Conference, stated that the Parade of Nations has always been the climax of the session with delegates representing their countries in colorful costume and explained that the name change at this session represents a change in focus from patriotism for one’s country of origin to a focus on mission. ATCU will have 6 persons participating in this final event.

              For all the latest information on the GC session, including the daily agenda, and to download the GC app, you may visit the 2015 GC Session website at

              First Quinquennial Session Scheduled for ATCU

              First Quinquennial Session Scheduled for ATCU
              Communication Department, ATCU


              At its annual mid-year meetings, held Tuesday, May 26 and Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at the union headquarters in Nassau, Bahamas, the executive committee of the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) voted to hold its first quinquennial session on December 6 and 7, 2015 in Nassau, The Bahamas.

              This year’s mid-year meetings, annually held to reflect on God’s blessings and formulate projections, were the last meetings of its kind before the session in December. According to Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of ATCU, this will be the first quinquennial session for ATCU since the inaugural meeting on November 29, 2010, at Northern Caribbean University Gymnasium in Mandeville, Jamaica. On this historic day, the former West Indies Union Conference was reorganized, resulting in two new unions: the Jamaica Union Conference and the Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission.


              At the upcoming session, the departmental directors and the executive committee members of the union along with the leadership of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission will be chosen to serve for the next five-year period. Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, president of ATCU, explained that because ATCU is a union mission, the union administrators would be appointed by the Inter-American Division (IAD) during the IAD year-end meetings in October 2015.

              Special guests at the mid-year meetings were Dr. Hugh Roach and Dr. John Carey, retired ministers from the South Bahamas Conference, who presented the devotional messages on Tuesday and Wednesday morning respectively.


              The meetings concluded with the fifth annual symposium on Wednesday evening, May 27 at the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church. Each of the field leaders of ATCU along with the president of Northern Caribbean University brought remarks and shared video reports of the work in their respective areas.

              Pastor Leonard A. Johnson, president of the union, presented the charge, encouraging unity, a strong financial foundation, and an active membership.

              ATCU Pastors and Laypersons featured in Advance Magazine

              ATCU Pastors and Laypersons featured in Advance Magazine
              Communication Department, ATCU

              During the second quarter of 2015, the Advance Magazine will feature articles, stories, and the experiences of persons from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU). The Advance Magazine, compiled by the personal ministries department of the Inter-American Division, is a publication designed to encourage and inspire the laity of the church mainly during the ten-minute personal ministries time in all of the churches within the Inter-American Division.

              This quarter’s edition features articles written by Pastors Leonard Johnson, ATCU president; Andrew Burrows, ATCU personal ministries director; Wilfred Adderley, South Bahamas Conference (SBC); Patrick Tyrill, North Bahamas Conference; and Reinaldo Dracket, Cayman islands Conference (CIC).

              Inspirational experiences shared by Paris Williams, ATCU’s One Year in Mission delegate; SBC lay members David Knowles, David Williams, and Andrea and Bernard Linden; and David Campbell, a Bible Worker from CIC are also included.

              Evangelists Win Souls for Christ in ATCU

              Evangelists Win Souls for Christ in ATCU
              Communication Department, ATCU

              The spirit of evangelism continues its march across the Atlantic Caribbean Union. Just recently, the Cayman Islands Conference and the North Bahamas Conference (NBC) concluded evangelistic series in their respective territories.
              In Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas, home to NBC headquarters, Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of the Atlantic Caribbean Union, preached at the Triumph of the Cross Evangelistic Series which was held under the big tent next to the Shiloh SDA Church. Sixteen precious souls were baptized and added to the church.


              Also, for the past four weeks, the members of the Cayman Islands Conference were engaged in the Footprints of Hope Gospel Crusade. Pastor Glen Samuels, president of the West Jamaica Conference, was the guest evangelist. The crusade which was held at the Lions Center in George Town, Grand Cayman concluded on Sabbath, May 1 and saw over one hundred and fifty persons following their Lord and Saviour in baptism.


              News from the Footprints of Jesus Crusade in Grand Cayman

              News from the Footprints of Hope Crusade in Grand Cayman
              Cayman Adventist Friends, Facebook


              Festive Mood as Forty More Get Baptized
              It was a festive mood at Smith's Cove Beach in George Town, Grand Cayman as forty more converts were baptized bringing the total baptisms for the Footprints of Hope Campaign to 108 precious souls.
              Five pastors took to the glimmering Caribbean Sea as steel pan kept the singers in tune and the occasion festive as young and old stepped out to consummate their new found relationship with God.


              Glorious Day at Kings for Footprints 4th Sabbath
              The Footprints of Hope Campaign made a temporary detour to the Kings Seventh-day Adventist Church in George Town Central due to the Lion Center being previously booked for another event. This may have been a blessing in disguise as the Spirit filled the jam packed church in ways not experienced before.
              The preacher was electrifying, the music was heart-warming, converts rushed to the altar on the appeal and each and every heart received a blessing as we worshiped together.


              Jam –Packed
              Every inch of the Kings Seventh-day Adventist Church was full to capacity for the 4th Sabbath of the Footprints of Hope Campaign. The nearby Cayman academy auditorium and a hurriedly erected tent were used to accommodate those who were not able to find a seat in the church.
              Not very often has there been such a huge turnout at the massive church building which is one of the largest owned by the Adventist Organization. This only demonstrates the tremendous response to the Footprints of Hope program, which continues for a 4th week at the Lion Center.


              68 Join Adventist Church after 2 Weeks of Lion Center Meetings

              68 Join Adventist Church after 2 Weeks of Lion Center Meetings

              The Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventist announced that 68 persons were baptized during its Footprints of Hope Evangelistic Campaign which is being held at the Lion Center in George Town Grand Cayman. The meetings which have been held nightly since April 3rd have seen hundreds of persons visiting each night to hear renowned tele-evangelist Pastor Glen O. Samuels deliver impassioned sermons on a wide range of topics.
              “We are delighted for the 68 precious souls who have taken the step to commit their lives to Jesus”, stated Pastor Samuels at the baptismal service which was conducted at the Spots Beach on Saturday April 18th, 2015. “In this time of hopelessness in many areas of life it is good to know that we can find hope, purpose and direction in a life dedicated to the service of the Lord.”


              Echoing these sentiments Pastor Shian O’Connor, President of the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventist stated that, “The Seventh-day Adventist Church is committed to offering a better way to those who long for a brighter future, to young people who see their peers succumbing to drugs and violence and despair, there is a better way, for families that are being ripped apart by strife and confusion, there is a better way, for a society that faces darkness and despair, there is a better way, and that better way can be found in a life surrendered to Jesus”.
              The program billed “Footprints of Hope” runs from 7.30 PM each night except Thursday and offers a variety of features along with the preaching sermon.


              The Adventists are noted for their health programs and this also forms a part of the activities including health lectures and health screenings during the meetings. There has also been a strong youth involvement in various aspects of the campaign with a cadre of young people serving as support staff and also hosting a weekly Saturday evening youth forum where they use drama and interactive discussions to address certain youth focused issues.
              Also each Saturday morning the organizers allow residents to have access to their pastoral staff for a special dedication and laying of hands service for infants and young children. They are also given a certificate to commemorate the occasion.


              Pastor Samuels is the President of the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventist in the Jamaica Union of Seventh-day Adventist where he leads out in the administration of the church’s activities in the western parishes of Jamaica. He also hosts weekly television program and has seen many persons join the church through his efforts. Pastor Samuels travels extensively to many parts of the world conducting evangelistic campaigns. He became famous in his homeland of Jamaica in 2003 when the national newspaper reported on an incident when he was held up by a gunman who he was able to convince not only to not harm him but to make the decision to change from his life of crime and become a Christian.


              The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a Protestant Christian denomination distinguished by its observance of Saturday, the original seventh day of the Judeo-Christian week, as the Sabbath, and by its emphasis on the imminent second coming (advent) of Jesus Christ. The denomination grew out of the Millerite movement in the United States during the mid-19th century and was formally established in 1863. Among its founders was Ellen G. White, whose extensive writings are still held in high regard by the church today.


              The Seventh-day Adventist church in the Cayman Islands commenced in the year 1894 after Gilbert McLaughlin, a Caymanian sea captain was converted and accepted the tenets of Adventism in Bonacca, Honduras and returned to East End, Grand Cayman and donated land for the first church. Today the Church has 15 congregations and over 5,000 members who come from all areas of the community. It is very active in preventative health initiatives and also has a department dedicated to child development and training.


              The Church also owns and operates the Cayman Academy K-12 private school in George Town, which was recently featured on CITN for its recent outstanding examination results. The church also has an association of its business and professional members which caters to their networking and development along with their outreach efforts to their counterparts in the public and private sector.

              ATCU Prepares for Mid-year Meetings

              ATCU Prepares for Mid-year Meetings
              Communication Department, ATCU

              The Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) will hold its annual mid-year meetings during May 25-27, 2015, at the union headquarters in Nassau, The Bahamas.

              This annual mid-year conclave brings together the members of the union executive committee for prayer, planning, and reflection.

              In addition to the business sessions, video progress reports from the union’s four fields and Northern Caribbean Union will be shared with the union membership at a praise symposium on Wednesday, May 27 at 7:00 p.m. at the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Bahamas Conference. All members are invited to attend. The symposium will be streamed live over the internet for members unable to physically attend.

              NBC Launches Gospel Meetings

              NBC Launches Gospel Meetings
              Communication Department, NBC

              In the North Bahamas Conference (NBC), the Triumph of the Cross Evangelistic Series kicked off on Saturday night, April 18, 2015, under the big tent next to the Shiloh Seventh-day Adventist Church on Toreros Road, Freeport, Grand Bahama.


              Individuals came from throughout the island to share in the experience of the Cross. Night after night, Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of the Atlantic Caribbean Union, has been lifting up the Cross and its power to change lives.  Guests and members have been blessed and are looking forward to the second week of meetings that are held each night, except Friday, at 7:30.

              An open invitation is extended to all.

              ATCU Participates in Health Initiative Training

              ATCU Participates in Health Initiative Training
              By Communication Department, ATCU

              “What does the story of Jesus casting out the money changers from the temple have to do with us living healthy lives?” asked Mrs. Sherline Henriques, health ministries director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists (ATCU), as she addressed participants from the South Bahamas Conference (SBC) attending the “Train the Trainer” seminar on Sunday, April 12, 2015, at the Breath of Life Seventh-day Adventist Church, Nassau, The Bahamas in preparation for the launch of ATCU’s “I Want to Live Healthy” initiative.

              Train the Trainer 02

              “Jesus wanted the temple to be a house of prayer, and in this same manner, He wants our bodies to be cleaned out so that it can truly be His temple and be used by Him,” explained Mrs. Henriques.

              For 2015, ATCU has adopted the health initiative dubbed “I Want to Live Healthy” that will challenge church members to live healthy and encourage them to go out into the community to inspire others to do so as well.

              The major difference between this health initiative and other such programs is that instead of church members inviting people to come to a health program conducted at their churches, they will be going to homes and communities to challenge individuals and families to follow basic health principles. 

              Mrs. Nathelyn LaCroix, health ministries director of SBC and organizer of the event, explained that the health principles will be introduced incrementally, and those who will be introducing them as well as those receiving the information will work to adopt them as a part of their lifestyle. Therefore, if during the first week someone is challenged to drink eight glasses of water daily for 7 days, then at the commencement of the second week, the person would be challenged to add eating more vegetables to the newly acquired habit of drinking eight glasses of water every day.

              Train the Trainer 16

              Pastor Peter Kerr, executive secretary of ATCU, represented the union’s administration at the seminar and indicated that the program had the full support of the union president, Pastor Leonard Johnson as well as the other administrators. He further expressed excitement at seeing so many health professionals and laypersons from SBC enthused about sharing the health message. “This conference is rich in talent and resources in the field of Health Ministries,” said Pastor Kerr who recognized a number of nurses, medical doctors, and professional nutritionists participating in the training.

              Train the Trainer 19

              Mrs. Belkis Archbold, health ministries director of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, made a presentation on the impact that the “I Want to Live Healthy” initiative has had in countries around the world, particularly Mexico. “As a result of the program, schools have removed soda machines from their campuses and the Ministry of Health in Mexico has asked for the program to be introduced in the public schools around the country,” expressed Mrs. Archbold.

              Train the Trainer 03

              Participants were trained on how to introduce the health principles and were implored to first be an example by practicing the health principles that they will be presenting to the people in the community. As a part of the training, Mrs. Archbold taught participants how to promote what she referred to as the four Pillars of Health and Reformation: Pleading in Prayer, Prevention of Illnesses, Practice the Health Principles Learnt, and Proclaim that the Healer and Master Physician is Jesus.

              Train the Trainer 18

              At the end of the Train the Trainer Seminar, over thirty-five persons received certificates and expressed enthusiasm for carrying forward the “I Want to Live Healthy” initiative throughout SBC.

              Train the Trainer 14

              Adventist Leaders Pay Courtesy Visit to Bahamas Health Minister

              Adventist Leaders Pay Courtesy Visit to Bahamas Health Minister
              Communication Department, ATCU

              Recently, the head of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Atlantic Caribbean region, Pastor Leonard Johnson, along with other Adventist church leaders paid a courtesy call on the Minister of Health for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Dr. Perry Gomez to share with him the church’s plans to launch the health program “I Want to Live Healthy” in the Bahamas as well as the Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands.

              Adventist Church Courtesy Call 04

              Pastor Johnson explained that for 2015, the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists (ATCU) has adopted the health initiative dubbed “I Want to Live Healthy,” a Seventh-day Adventist program that seeks to help communities adopt basic health principles so that they can live healthier and happier lives. "The church is committed to partnering with the government in helping to improve the quality of life of its people," affirmed Pastor Johnson.

              During the visit, the delegation also presented Dr. Gomez with over three hundred copies of the world Adventist church’s missionary book of the year “Health and Hope” which will be freely distributed in communities by Adventists worldwide in celebration of Adventist Health Impact Day on April 18, 2015.

              Adventist Church Courtesy Call 03

              Pastor Johnson explained that as the ‘I Want to Live Healthy’ initiative is based on the principle of individuals making health changes in their lives and then asking others to do the same, the delegation decided to present the books to the Ministry of Health so that they can first benefit from the valuable information before it is presented to the country on a whole.

              Accompanying Pastor Johnson were the health ministries director of ATCU, Mrs. Shirline Henriques; the president of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SBC), Pastor Paul Scavella; health ministries director of SBC, Mrs. Nathelyn LaCroix ; and other health professionals from SBC.

              Adventist Church Courtesy Call 01

              One of the health professionals, Dr. Alpheaus Allick, an emergency room physician and a member of the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church in the SBC, related his experiences in the emergency room where the government spends enormous sums of money trying to cure or suppress illnesses that can be prevented through lifestyle changes.

              Another health professional, Dr. Idamae Hanna, stated that many times what people need is a lifestyle coach.


              "Many people want to change, but often times they don't know how to," said Dr. Hanna. “‘I Want to Live Healthy’ is therefore offering coaches and support teams to communities in order to make lifestyle changes.”

              Dr. Gomez expressed gratitude and excitement over the implementation of the program, stating that one of the major problems that the country is faced with is an increase in chronic non communicable diseases. "I have that challenge in my own home," said Dr. Gomez. "So, I know that the challenge is real."



              The Pathfinder organization is a worldwide ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that caters to the complete development of young people ages 10-16. Attending camps and camporees is an integral part of the experience of any pathfinder, whether it is at the church, conference, union, or division level.


              Ordinarily, local churches and local conferences or missions conduct pathfinder camps in their specific areas at least once a year. However, at the union, division, or international level pathfinder camporees are held at least once every five years. Pathfinder camporees provide young pathfinders with the opportunity to:

                Pathfinders from the Atlantic Caribbean Union have attended camporees at the division level in places like Mexico, and Puerto Rico; on the international level at Osh Kosh, Wisconsin; and at the union level in Jamaica during the times of the former West Indies Union.
                On April 4, 2015, approximately 200 pathfinders from the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, converged at the Bahamas Youth Camp in Nassau, Bahamas to participate in the first Atlantic Caribbean Union Pathfinder Camporee.


                The theme for camporee:
                In August 2014, during the Forever Faithful International Pathfinder Camporee in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, USA, Pastor Andrew Burrows, youth director, of the Atlantic Caribbean Union challenged the pathfinders to recommend a theme for our very own pathfinder camporee. Ideas were tossed up, and themes were suggested based on popular Biblical characters. “Let’s do the story of Jonah and the whale!” suggested an enthusiastic pathfinder, from the Cayman Islands Conference. We can call it the “Whale Way”. At the pathfinder camporee planning committee, the concept of the story of Jonah and the whale was presented. After much discussion and fine-tuning, it was agreed that the theme would be YOU-Turn with a pun on the vehicular code, “U”. There is an intentional focus on you as a person. “You” represents anyone, any pathfinder, any youth, or any adult. It refers to anyone like Jonah who finds himself/herself running away from God. Yes, you can make a U-TURN toward God.
                The Camporee Logo
                The logo depicts a large fish, with human-like teeth coming up out of the sea, against the background of the pathfinder logo with the camporee theme. It is enclosed by a border, which displays, the date, and the place of the event. Interestingly, two pathfinders, and not Jonah, are seen inside the mouth of the large fish. One, a young girl, is curious to explore what is inside the fish. The other, a young male, has determined that life inside the fish is not a place to be and makes a fast YOU-turn out of the fish’s mouth.


                Daily Camping Experience
                Each day, before sunrise, pathfinders greet the day by having personal and corporate devotions in their conferences followed by line call. The daily agenda is filled with activities such as, sports and exhibition challenge, craft and honor, developmental seminars, and spiritual nuggets. One of the highlights of the camporee is the nightly drama, where the pathfinders act out the experience of Jonah. This is followed by an appeal as the pathfinders are challenged to remain focused on their relationship with Christ.


                A crowning feature of the camporee will be a pathfinder investiture service and a baptismal service on Sabbath, April 11. This will be followed by a community project near the campgrounds where the pathfinders will distribute thousands of copies of the book, Health and Hope. On Saturday night, April 11, 2015, the curtains will come down on Camporee 2105, You-Turn, with the closing ceremonies. -Pastor Andrew Burrows, Youth Director; ATCU

                ATCU Participates in Second IAD Virtual Education Congress

                ATCU Participates in Second IAD Virtual Education Congress
                Communication Department, ATCU


                During the weekend of March 27-29, 2015, a delegation of five from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) were present at the streaming site for the Second Virtual Education Congress hosted by the education department of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD). Leading the delegation was Dr. Leonard Johnson, president of ATCU. Elder Roderick Sands, union treasurer; Alree Price, Bahamas Academy, South Bahamas Conference; Avoney Wellington, Grand Bahama Academy, North Bahamas Conference; and Alicia Castillo-Timothy, Cayman Academy, Cayman Islands Conference accompanied him. Also in attendance was Denise Johnson, guidance counselor of Bahamas Academy.

                Focusing on the future of Adventist Education in the territory of Inter-America, the congress employed as its theme "Adventist Education: Shaping The Future of The Church.” Accordingly, union after union presented the education challenges facing its respective field and presented the strategies to address them in an effort to safeguard the future of Adventist education.


                Among the projections presented by ATCU were:
                • Inspiring a stronger spiritual relationship with Christ among teachers and administrators
                • Greater involvement of constituents, especially pastors
                • Securing and Providing Adequate Funding
                • Improved and adequate physical plant

                Main presenter for the congress was Pastor Shane Anderson, author of the famous book How to Kill Adventist Education (and How to Give It a Fighting Chance!). Other presenters included Dr. Israel Leito, president of IAD; Dr. Filiberto Verduzco, treasurer of IAD; Dr. Gamaliel Florez, education director of IAD; and Dr. Faye Patterson, associate education director of IAD.


                The weekend’s activities were well received by ATCU participants who felt inspired by the event.

                "I'm more motivated to teach what I represent - true Adventist education whatever the cost,” said Alree Price.

                Avoney Wellington declared, "Awesome! I’m impressed and encouraged to learn that our situation is not unique to what is happening in IAD."


                And Alicia Castillo-Timothy concluded, "It was a very informative and motivating experience, as many pertinent issues regarding Adventist education were raised and, thankfully, various solutions were offered in order to transform the system to ensure that God is manifested at the center."

                ATCU Prepares for Vision One Million Sabbath Celebration

                ATCU Prepares for Vision One Million Sabbath Celebration
                Communication Department, ATCU

                Pastor Andrew Burrows

                As a forerunner to the special Vision One Million Sabbath scheduled for Sabbath, April 4, six pastors from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) are presently conducting short evangelistic campaigns in various countries within the Caribbean Union (CARU). Vision One Million is the soul-winning initiative of the Inter-American Division (IAD) of Seventh-day Adventists. This year, scores of evangelists from the various unions within IAD, including ATCU, have been dispersed throughout the Caribbean Union to share the good news of the gospel.

                Pastor Johnson

                The evangelistic team from ATCU is led by Pastor Leonard Johnson, president of ATCU, who is declaring the gospel at the Signs of the Times Evangelistic Series being held at the Carmel SDA Church in George Town, Guyana. At the Kingstown SDA Church in St. Vincent, the Grenadines, Pastor Henry R. Moncur, executive secretary of the North Bahamas Conference, is the guest evangelist. Pastor Paul Scavella, South Bahamas Conference (SBC) president, and Pastor Peter Joseph, SBC executive secretary, are blowing the gospel trumpet on the islands of St. Croix in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Grenada, respectively. Finally, Pastor Andrew Burrows, personal ministries director for ATCU, is conducting a series of meetings at the Philadelphia SDA church in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (USVI).


                On Sabbath, April 4, at the conclusion of the many evangelistic meetings, union and field leaders along with the visiting evangelists will assemble on the island of Trinidad, the location of the headquarters for the Caribbean Union, for a grand Sabbath celebration. Pastor Mark Finely, one of the general vice- presidents of the General Conference of SDA, will be the main speaker.

                Visiting Evangelists

                At the conclusion of the Sabbath service, a baptismal ceremony will be conducted at the site in Trinidad while concurrent baptisms will take place across the IAD territory and streamed live to the site in Trinidad. This momentous celebration can be viewed live on three different media: in English on Hope Church Channel; in Spanish on Esperanza TV; and in French at

                In the Atlantic Caribbean Union, the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist church in Nassau in the South Bahamas Conference will serve as the uplink center for the baptisms that will be streamed from the ATCU.

                ATCU Creates Special Needs Awareness

                ATCU Creates Special Needs Awareness
                Communication Department, ATCU

                During the weekend of March 13-15, 2015, the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists (ATCU) held its first Special Needs Summit at the Maranatha Seventh-day Church, in the South Bahamas Conference. The theme for the three-day event was “Jesus’ All Inclusive Kingdom.”

                During the Friday night opening session, Mr. Leonard Cargill, assistant director in the departmental of social services, highlighted the Bahamas Government’s commitment in this area. He announced that the Bahamas Government would be building a school, on the island of New Providence, dedicated solely to children and adults with special challenges. He also commended the Seventh-day Adventist Church for hosting this event. “The church has an important role to play in creating awareness in this critical area for our nation,” he remarked.
                The guest presenter for the event was Dr. Elvetha Derrick Telemaque, an adjunct professor at Herbert L. Fletcher University, the Inter-American Division’s online university. Throughout the meetings, she covered various presentations such as mental disabilities in adults and children, creating a disabled friendly church, nurturing a special needs culture, and ministering to families with autistic children. She indicated that the IAD is focused on taking this special needs seminar to all the unions within its territory.

                Elder Allan Smith, the first elder for the Maranatha Church and a retired occupation therapist shared with the members how to create a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities. Each church should have appropriate ramps for wheelchair access, and bathroom facilities that that can accommodate a person in wheelchair. He further explained that people with disability challenges want to be able to function with as little assistance as possible.


                Pastor Andrew Burrows, the Personal Ministries director for ATCU, and the facilitator for the summit, challenged the church to be inclusive in its ministry. During his Sabbath morning message, he utilized the story of the man who was blind from birth as recorded in John chapter 9. He emphasized that, like Jesus, we should see everyone as a person first. He said Jesus saw the man as a person, but the church leaders back then saw the man’s blindness as a problem and a stigma.

                The meetings featured testimonies from caregivers who have family members with special needs such as autism, Downs syndrome, and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, Desmond Brown, who is blind, demonstrated how he uses technology to find apps on his phone and to teach the Sabbath School lesson. “I am happy for the church’s emphasis on special needs at this time,” he beamed. “Our disability does not limit our ability to be used in God’s church,” he added.


                At the conclusion of the meetings, Pastor Burrows outlined that the next step is to establish a Special Needs Committee in each of the fields within the union and also at the local churches. He said that this is something that was recommended some time ago. This summit was to sensitize and encourage us to go back and implement the ideas and suggestions. Pastor Burrows also recommended that each local field should host a similar event, utilizing the many persons who have expertise and experience in this area.


                SBC Pastors Begin Operation Contact

                SBC Pastors Begin Operation Contact
                By John Garcia, ATCU

                Operatioin Contact 2

                "Time with God and family, solid Biblical preaching, and visitation are the things that I have learnt to prioritize in my ministry as a pastor," revealed Pastor Leonard Johnson, president and ministerial director of the Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists (ATCU). This statement was made as he conducted a pastoral training session, one of the components of Operation Contact, at the headquarters of the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SBC) in Nassau. 

                Operation Contact is an initiative of the ministerial department of the ATCU aimed at encouraging pastors to interact with each other, each other’s family, and each member as well as non-members within ATCU.

                Operatioin Contact

                Pastor Johnson presented a two-fold training session, focusing on the pastor's effectiveness and stewardship. The session reinforced the importance of various aspects of the pastoral ministry that positively impact pastoral camaraderie, the pastoral family, and, most certainly, the church members. He explained that when there is constant personal contact with the church members, it is easier to reach them with the gospel and equip them to reach out to others. “Simple gestures as shaking hands and returning calls show the members that we are concerned,” he said.

                Pastor Johnson was accompanied by the treasurer of ATCU, Elder Roderick Sands, who led out in the discussion relating to stewardship. Pastors were told to continue to be exemplary stewards who model faithfulness in their daily lives. Recognizing that everyone in attendance had either attended or conducted stewardship and money management seminars and training, Elder Sands encouraged the pastors to continue to support each other in good money management. 

                Operatioin Contact 3

                He further noted that there was an abundance of available resources that can give guidance and counsel on being good stewards, including locally written literature such as the book “Twelve Baskets of Economic Survival” by Dr. Wendell McMillan and, most definitely, the Bible. 
                Pastor Johnson ended the session with a discussion on the dynamics of pastoral ministry, highlighting topics such as personal devotion, family time, dress, relating to the opposite and same sex, and health. He encouraged pastors to be intentional in living a healthy lifestyle, to have regular medical visits, and to encourage members to do likewise. 

                SBC presently has the largest pastoral staff in ATCU, with the majority serving on the main island of New Providence while the others minister to the members on some of the other islands of the archipelagic nation of The Bahamas.  Pastors who were unable to fly in to attend the sessions held on New Providence were able to participate remotely via video conferencing. 

                Pastor Howard Barr, who pastors the district of Acklins and Crooked Island in the southern Bahamas, participated in the sessions using this medium. He congratulated the ATCU team for the timely training and discussion.  “I am encouraged by the presentations," said Pastor Barr who, accompanied by Pastor Johnson, recently visited a number of his members as a part of Operation Contact.

                The pastors requested follow-up sessions to discuss additional issues that affect their ministry such as social media and pastoral etiquette. Pastor Johnson committed to additional sessions and expressed gratitude for the engaging participation of the SBC pastors.

                ATCU Prepares for HC Inter-America

                ATCU Prepares for HC Inter-America
                By John Garcia, ATCU


                The communication department of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (IAD) hosted its first Hope Channel (HC) Advisory in Miami, Florida during March 4 and 5, 2015 as it unveiled plans to establish Hope Channel Inter-America comprised of three satellite HC channels, broadcasting in English, French, and Spanish. Pastor Leon Wellington, IAD communication director, explained that each of the three channels will air programs in a different language in order to present the gospel in a culturally relative context.

                While HC is the official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, offering programs on wholistic Christian living, Brad Thorp, president of HC, emphasized that HC is not a church.


                “The objective of the programming is not to encourage people to forgo attending church and church activities and stay home and watch HC, but to lead them to a local Seventh-day Adventist church.”

                Pastor Thorp further explained that there is work that the local pastors, leaders, and congregations do which HC cannot and will not attempt to substitute.

                At the advisory, the union representatives from the media houses throughout the twenty-
                three territories of the IAD received guidelines and ideas for program production and submission. They also were challenged and inspired to create quality, relevant content that would enable viewers around the IAD territory to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and most importantly, to make a commitment to Christ and become baptized, practicing Adventists.

                HC has committed to supporting the media houses in the various fields, through the communication department of IAD, with all that they possibly can in order to see HC Inter-America fulfill its mission within the territory and beyond.

                Attending from the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) were Pastor Andrew Burrows, communication director, and John Garcia, IT and media coordinator.


                At its last executive committee meeting, ATCU voted to adopt HC as the official television station for the union, and it can be viewed throughout most of the territory. On March 2, 2015, HC was included in the basic cable TV package offered by Cable Bahamas in The Bahamas. To view HC on a computer or mobile device and for further information, go to

                ATCU Hosts Special Needs Summit

                ATCU Hosts Special Needs Summit
                Communication Department, ATCU

                Special Needs

                The Atlantic Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists (ATCU) will host its first Special Needs Summit from Friday, March 13 to Sunday March 15, 2015 at the Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church, Prince Charles Drive, Nassau, The Bahamas.
                The purpose of the event is to highlight and sensitize the church and the community at large of the mandate to minister to persons with special needs.   This segment of society and the church includes persons who are blind, unable to hear or speak, unable to move, or who may have any other challenging conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Down’s syndrome etc.

                The theme of the summit is Jesus’ All Inclusive Kingdom. Dr. Elvetha Derrick-Telemaque, guest presenter from the Inter-American Division, will share a number of presentations on how to minister to this important group of persons. The schedule for the summit is a follows:

                Friday evening, March 13 at 7:15
                Sabbath morning, March 13 at 9:15
                Sabbath afternoon, March 14 at 5:00
                Sunday morning, March 15 at 8:30
                All church members, pastors, caregivers, and persons in the community are invited to attend.

                ATCU Plans First Pathfinder Camporee

                ATCU Plans First Pathfinder Camporee
                Communication Department, ATCU

                The Pathfinder organization is a worldwide ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church that caters to the complete development of young people between the ages of 10 and 16 years. One of the many programs designed to assist with this all-around personal growth is the Pathfinder Camporee, an enriching event that all pathfinders should experience.

                Consequently, in keeping with the objective of providing for the spiritual, physical, mental, and social development of its youth, the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) will be hosting its first Pathfinder Camporee on the grounds of the Bahamas Youth Camp on Gladstone Road in Nassau, The Bahamas during April 4-12, 2015. It is estimated that some 500 pathfinders from the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and Turks and Caicos Islands as well as other countries will be in attendance.


                The theme for the camporee is “You-Turn” and is based on the Biblical account in the book of Jonah. According to Pastor Andrew Burrows, youth director of ATCU, the camporee will feature a nightly drama, daily honor and craft classes, pathfinder exhibition, community service projects, pathfinder investiture service, baptismal service, a grand community parade and rally, and much more.

                Pathfinders can register for the camporee through their local youth directors.

                ATCU Launch Citywide Crusades in First Quarter

                ATCU Launch Citywide Crusades in First Quarter
                Communication Department, ATCU

                In keeping with its mission to proclaim the gospel to the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Adventist church in the Atlantic Caribbean region has mobilized to share the love of Christ throughout the cities in its Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) territory during the first quarter of 2015.

                Presently, the Adventist church in the Turks and Caicos Islands is engaged in a citywide evangelistic campaign in Providenciales. The Countdown to the End Campaign, with guest evangelist Pastor Shian O’Connor, president of the Cayman Islands Conference, began on Sunday evening, February 1 under the big tent next to the Do It Home Center on Leeward Highway.

                Elder Hopeton Bansie, executive secretary of the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission, reported that approximately 900 persons attend the meetings each night. He also shared that the messages from the evangelist, which are in English, are simultaneously being translated into Creole and Spanish so that the major language groups on the islands are able to receive the presentations.

                Pastor O’Connor, at the conclusion of the evangelistic meetings in the Turks and Caicos Islands Mission, will have just weeks before his home conference launches its own citywide campaign. The Footprints of Jesus Evangelistic Series with guest evangelist Pastor Glen Samuels, president of the West Jamaica Conference, will begin on March 29 under the big tent in George Town, Grand Cayman.

                Ahead of this launch, during February, Pastor Samuel Telemaque, associate Sabbath School and personal ministries director for the Inter-American Division will be in Grand Cayman to conduct training workshops to further equip the membership for service. His presentations will focus on community services, lay preaching, Bible instructors, global mission pioneers, and urban ministries workers.

                Mark Finley to Conduct Health Evangelism and Leadership Training

                Mark Finley to Conduct Health Evangelism and Leadership Training
                Communication Departments, CIC and ATCU


                Noted evangelist, church administrator, and television host, Pastor Mark Finley, has been invited by the Solid Rock Ministries in the Cayman Islands Conference (CIC) to conduct a workshop in the area of health evangelism.

                According to Pastor Reinaldo Dracket, executive secretary and personal ministries director of CIC, the purpose of Solid Rock Ministries is to share the gospel, through the health message of the Adventist church, with that segment of the island nation’s population that the church has been unsuccessful in evangelizing. The workshop, entitled “Creation Health,” will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at the Westin Casuarina Hotel, Seven Mile Beach. A special invitation is extended to the community.

                While in the Cayman Islands, Pastor Finley will also hold leadership and evangelism training for all the pastors and elders in the conference scheduled for Friday, February 13, 2015, from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. The training will be streamed live over the Internet so that pastors and church leaders from the other church territories within the Atlantic Caribbean Union (ATCU) can participate. In addition, there will be a joint service at the Kings Church that same day at 7:30 p.m. where Pastor Finley will be the speaker.

                Pastor Leonard Johnson, president and ministerial director of ATCU, who will attend the seminar in the Cayman Islands, expressed that this session helps to provide ongoing training and equipping of the pastors of ATCU for effective ministry, which is one of the objectives of the union ministerial department during the Year of the Pastor being observed this year.

                “I am excited to have Pastor Finley in our union, and moreso the Cayman Islands Conference,” said Pastor Johnson. “Our minsters throughout the union will benefit much from his expertise and experience.”

                The Year of the Pastor

                Ministerial Department
                Plans 2015

                Year of The Pastor

                Operation Contact Banner

                “Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work” (2Tim. 2:21, ESV).

                “The cities are to be worked, not merely preached to; there must be house-to-house labor. After the warning has been given, after the truth has been presented from the Scriptures, many souls will be convicted”( Evangelism 430).


                1. To re-visit the call to ministry
                2. To re-affirm pastors and families
                3. To equip and retool pastors for greater effectiveness
                4. Assist and encourage the Local Shepherdess Club
                5. Encourage Professional Development Budgetary Provision

                Engage in Prayer Initiatives (Prayer is a must for effective ministry)

                  Launch of Operation Contact - Relationships are built through visitation (to continue all year). Pastors pair up to:

                    Training & Equipping for Pastors

                      Training & Equipping for Elders

                        Celebration of Pastors

                          Professional Development

                          An educated, equipped and Spirit-filled pastor contributes to an informed, active and spiritual membership. Accordingly, pastors are encouraged to embrace:

                            Operation Contact

                            What Is Operation Contact?
                            It is an initiative of the Ministerial Department of the Atlantic Caribbean Union, aimed at aiding and encouraging pastors to make contact with each other, each other’s family and each member as well as non-members within the Atlantic Caribbean Union.


                              Date of Launch
                              February 7th, 2015 (To continue throughout the rest of the year)

                              Pastors, departmental directors and officers of both conference and union levels

                              Territory to Cover
                              The Bahamas, Cayman and Turks and Caicos, which houses the four (4) fields of ATCU