Atlantic Caribbean Union

P.U.S.H 2019

Prayer Focus by Week

May 5-11: The Elderly Members of the Famiy
May 12-18: Married Couples
May 19-25: Singles
May 26 - Jun. 1: Divorced Family Members
Jun. 2-8 Widows and Widowers

Upcoming Events

May 11: Reach the World: in the Community Disaster/Famine Relief
May 11: NCU Special Offering
May 22-26: IAD Training for Youth Leaders (Cancún)
May 23: Union Board of Education Meeting
May 25: World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk NCU Education Summit
May 28: ATCU Mid-year Committee Meeting (Online)
May 29: ATCU Mid-year Symposium (Nassau)
May 30: ATCU Mid-year Committee Meeting (Nassau)

ATCU Symposium 2019

Wednesday, May 29 at 7:00 P.M.


Pastor Peter Kerr salutes mothers and young people give tribute to their mothers.