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SDA World Church Observes Special Needs Ministries Awareness Day
On Sabbath, April 26, 2014, the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide will be focusing on ministries for those with special needs. According to the personal ministries and...
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Big City Impact 2014
nter-American Division’s annual Vision One Million program is focused on big city impact across the territory. This year, the satellite program will be broadcast from Mexico City on Sabbath, April 12, 2014, 12:00 noon – 2:00pm (Miami Time) 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (Mexico Time)...


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Formation of the Rolleville Company Exuma
Conference President Pastor Paul Scavella journeyed to Exuma for the conclusion of the CONNECTED... The Divine Encounter on Sabbath March 25th. Some twenty persons were baptized which added to an already existing...
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NCU Debaters Continue to Hone Skills in Invitational Debate Series
The Northern Caribbean University (NCU) Department of Communication Studies (DCS) recently held the second staging of the annual NCU’s Invitational Debate series on the NCU’s Mandeville campus. In attendance were: Northern Caribbean University (NCU) the University of Technology (UTECH), the University of...


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Creative Outreach Projects Highlighted At Council On Evangelism And Witness
Top regional leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist world church heard urban evangelism updates and examples of creative outreach yesterday during the Council on Evangelism and Witness report to...
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Rwanda After 20 Years: Nothing--But Too Much
This week marks the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda. Twenty years is almost nothing -- but is also too much. I was 20 years old. I had a very brave and beautiful Christian fiancée, who...
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$1M for TED 13th Sabbath Offering Projects ­ A New Record
It was with joy and a sense of awe that Bertil Wiklander, President of the Trans-European Division (TED), received the good news that the TED Thirteenth Sabbath School Offering projects will be supported with more than...
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Adventist Church Joins Amicus Brief In Support Of ‘Parsonage Allowance’
The Seventh-day Adventist Church joined an amicus brief filed today in a United States Federal Court of Appeals challenging a November ruling that the...

VOICES - With Pastors Leonard Johnson and Barrington Brennen

April 11, 2014

Adventist News Network (ANN)

April 4, 2014

Adventist TV53 News South Bahamas Conference (ATV53)

April 4, 2014
Turks and Caicos Island Mission Convention 2014
North Bahamas Conference Presents Convention 2014
One Year in Mission 2014
"Year of the Laity"video report


10 Preaching Errors Pastors Can Avoid

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April 10, 2014
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I share with you an article sent to me by an elder. It was written by a Baptist Preacher, Jared Moore. For the purpose of my Weekly, I have condensed the article. Nevertheless, I believe that you will find the points...


  • April 12 Big City Mission and Vision One Million Celebration (Mexico)
  • April 18-21 Union-wide Ministerial Retreat (Miami)
  • April 26 Adventist Education Day


  • Apr 6 - 12 Pray for Evangelism/Evangelists
  • April 13-19 Pray for New Believers
  • Email your prayer request to

Bible Study Guide

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For the months of April, May and June (second Quarter) of 2014, the Seventh-day Adventist Church throughout the world is studying topics relating to Christ and His Law and the author of the Study Guide, Keith Augustus Burton says "We will study the law, especially the question of why so many Christians—misunderstanding the relationship between law and grace—have fallen into the trap of denying the continued validity of the Ten Commandments, thus, unwittingly helping the attempt to “overthrow” God’s law.

Click here to access the entire Study Guide which you can also access using your mobile device.
Visit a Seventh-day Adventist Church in your area this Saturday morning at 9:15 A.M. to discuss this week's topic dealing with Discipleship.

Church Manual

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The Church Manual has existed in its current format since 1932. It describes the operation and functions of local churches and their relationship to denominational structures in which they hold membership. The Church Manual also expresses the Church’s understanding of Christian life and church governance and discipline based on biblical principles and the authority of duly assembled General Conference sessions. “God has ordained that the representatives of His church from all parts of the earth, when assembled in a General Conference, shall have authority.”—9T 261.
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ATCU Ingathering 2013 - 2014

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The Atlantic Caribbean Union launched its ingathering Initiative 2013 - 2014.

Dynamic Steward

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Youth Ministry Accent

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Cayman Islands Conference

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Northern Caribbean University